Monday, May 23, 2016

I am back.

I just wanted to thank everyone who left a wonderful heartfelt comment on my last blog. It took me awhile to deal with the passing of my beloved Ms.Buttons. I know she is in a better place now.

My yellow tree is in full bloom and we have removed all the raspberry canes from the front of the house so I can put flowers in the garden beds. We got lots of soil on Saturday to put down and Dave will till the ground and then add the soil. But right now he is washing the car and I am baking a chocolate cake.
I took some photo's while he was washing the car and here are a few.

 My tulips are flowering again.And the potato's I planted have come up.
 I did not think my maple tree was ever going to start to show leaves. It just began this weekend.
 And my peonies are creating flower heads so they too will soon bloom.
 My Japanese bush is in bloom also.
 This is the spot that I plan to create a flower garden over my two beloved Cats.
I have done some stitching but I can't show you because I joined Kim's Christmas in July Exchange and don't want my partner to see what I have made. I have done the three sttichings and now have to prepare them. Then they will be sent off to their new home. Next time I will show you some stitching. But for now I have to go check on my cake and hubby. Thanks for dropping by, I do enjoy your comments so much and hugs to all of you. xxxx

 We just finished the front garden, getting it ready for flowers so have added some photo's.

 Hubby is a great helper.


  1. So sorry for your loss. I love your plan to plant flowers for them. Lovely gardening, pretty tulips and orange blossoms on the Japanese bush! love Annette

  2. Your garden is coming alive as mine is too. We need to catch up to June's!!

  3. Your idea of planting a flower garden is delightful. I'm sure your garden will flourish.

  4. Looks like Spring is in your yard...the car looks good...

  5. You have Spring Sis, DH has been working so hard bless.
    Your garden is going to look lovely , I love your yellow bush .
    Have you changed your car ? have a fab week.

  6. Lovely and green around Lynda Ruth. Look forward to seeing your garden flourish. Hope you get a great display of Peaonies. I adore them. My neighbor has a couple of plants that do well each year. They put on a wonderful display. They grow best in our country in the deep South. Such a DH making you a garden. Happy stitching.