Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas is only 10 days away.

Been working hard on the 12 days of Christmas and have three to show you.
 I decided to do the eggs different and I wanted a brown goose too.
 The swans became golden with black faces. I had trouble doing the first swan, it just wasn't coming out right and I took it out about three times before it got perfect. The fabric in the back ground will be used as the backing for the pillows, I think it will look great when done. What do you think?
We got a bad rain, snow ice storm today so we had the day off. Hubby is plowing the driveway so we can go to work tomorrow.
 I got a new chart from Stoney Creek today in the mail. The chart is one of three new free ones, so I bought the blue adia 14 cloth and the lady bugs to go on the stitching. I plan to get the other two when they come out in January and February. The charts are called Live- Black Swallowtail, Laugh-Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Love-Monarch.  Stoney Creek has such lovely free charts each month. I love to collect them. Sometimes I get doubles and send them to friends.Can't wait to get the other two. I will get the adia cloth and whatever bugs go with them.

These are the lovely gifts I recieved from Tina in England from the last exchange we did with Lisa. I sent Lisa a small parcel too because I did not want her to go without because she was too busy to join this exchange. I will show what I sent to Edit and Lisa when they let me know they have recieved their goodies.
I have finally sent out all my parcels and cards and can now relax and wait for everyone to let me know they recieved their gifts. The last card exchange with Gracie I sent a card and a small crochet ornament to all who sent cards and to a few friends in different places. Hopefully none got damaged in the mail.

Well, I must go now. I am not sure if I will be back before Christmas so please everyone have a great Christmas.  Thanks to all my followers new and regular ones. Be safe, warm and happy. Big hugs to all. love and hugs Lynda Ruth


  1. Tina's gifts are wonderful!
    Well, you got your White Christmas!!

  2. Lovely exchange from Tina , lovely stitching Sis sending you Chrismas kisses.

  3. Beautiful stitching! Enjoy all your lovely goodies :D

  4. Great stitching & lovely gifts.
    Enjoy your snowy Christmas!

  5. Love your stitching and lovely gifts. Those Stoney creek designs look beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and DH. Hugs Shirley