Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Special Christmas Gift.

We got hit by a big snow storm last night and it has continued into to day. We are suppose to get 8 to 10 inches of snow when the storm is over. This is some pictures I took of what the storm left us last night and today. It's a good thing we went shopping yesterday, I would not want to go out in this today. You all know we got the new tractor to get rid of all this snow from the driveway but we aren't in any hurry to go out in this. We will wait until it stops and then clean up the driveway.

 My lonely little tree by the side of the road all covered in winter snow.
 A look from the front window.
 Taken from the side porch.
 My mail box is looking alittle lonely.

Take from my front porch.

Hope everyone in the States has a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends. Bye for now Lynda Ruth

November 29th,2014

Some updated pictures of my DH using his tractor for the first time after our big snow storm. Enjoy the pictures, hugs until next time. Lynda Ruth

I am so glad we got this machine so my husband dose not have to push a walking snow blower.  It was heavy wet snow and he would never have gotten it moved. Bye for now.

December 2nd,2014.

A special Christmas gift.

I have an update for you guys, I just went to my mail box and found a lovely present inside. I had forgotten that I did two Christmas exchanges and just recieved the lovely parcel from Kaye in England. I love everything you sent me. Thank you so much for your generous gifts. I will now show everyone else my gifts. Thank you again Kaye and have a very special day. hugs Lynda Ruth

 First up is this lovely pillow she did ( it's a freebie from Dawn Thread and I love it. It's going on my Christmas tree when I get it up. I don't put it up until 2 weeks before Christmas.
 Kaye sent me lovely green 32 count linen, some floss, ribbon and some lovely coloured buttons.
 I also got a nice little santa card to cross stitch. (Can't wait to do him.)
 And this lovely Christmas card from the London Transport wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I thought that was all but these 3-D stickers where in the bottom of the parcel. Just too kind Kaye. Thanks again for all you special gifts.

Thank you everyone for stopping by to say hello and Maggee all our snow is gone now. Hopefully we will not get dumped on so hard next time. Hugs to all who leave me comments. I love to read them. Bye for now Lynda Ruth.


  1. Love your photos , it sure looks pretty.

  2. Brr.....I feel the cold from Arizona USA! Our temp today should be around 85. I do not miss the snow and cold!!!

  3. OH MY! The snow looks so pretty - signs of things to come ;0)

  4. Ooh so pretty!! Love it--in pictures! Not ready for it yet...

  5. Oh my so much snow!I have never seen so much snow ever here!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Stay warm Linda! It is pretty. I don't mind that we only have 2 inches on the ground. ;)

  7. Wow, so much snow!!! It looks blissful but boy must make like so hard when you have to go out :)

  8. I love Snow, I just don't love driving in it! It looks so very pretty there :)

  9. Love the extra photos great tractor bet Dave loves it.

  10. The snow LOOKS pretty, but is a lot of work! Have fun while it is new... cause it gets old fast! At least I am not working, so won't have to worry about driving in it--should we ever get any! Had a LOT last winter! Hugs!

  11. cant believe how much snow you have! love your stitching.