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Friday, October 21, 2016

Got lots of mail this week.

Don't you just love all the fall leaves with all their beautiful colours. It's said that Autumn is a second spring with the leaves being the blossoms of the trees. I love the trees this year, it seems the colours are more brillant and bright from other years. I have heard from allot of visitors to New Brunswick who have commented on the trees and the leaves being so bright and stunning.

Okay, I got allot of mail this week and put my UPS guy and my mail lady to work delivering me goodies. Here is what I got.

I ordered a dremel work station so I don't have to hold the rocks and sea glass when I try to drill holes in them.
The station did not come with a dremel drill and the one my hubby was letting me use dose not fit into the station, so he bought me a dremel 3000 that dose fit. Sweet man.

 I got two envelopes yesterday and a envelope for hubby that had his Camaro Manual in it, so he was happy. I sent for the Autumn chart because I liked it so much and I want to do the squirral for friend out west.
 I have been looking for the following charts for awhile and I have finally got my hands on them. They came in todays mail.

Well, one of my three avacodo  is starting to grow. The seed had to split first.

I even have a little pot of Lavender growing too.
 I did some roses up top, and I finished my Busy as a Bee stitching.
 I also have a few more dishclothes done. Micheal's had a sale on the other day and I got lots of wool.
Well, it looks like I don't have any thing more to show or say so I will take my leave. Hope you liked what I had to show today. Now I have some stitching to get too. Thanks for coming bye. Do enjoy your weekend. hugs Lynda Ruth xxx