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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I am better now

I know that I haven't done a post in along time, but due to my health being so poor I have had no energy to do anything. I could hardly breath, or walk or even talk properly. Been trying to get my shoulder fixed and because of that the doctor's found out my heart is not beating at the normal rate it should. I have since been in hospital getting a pacemaker put in my right shoulder to get the heart rate to a normal rate. Now I can breathe better, take a full filled lung of breath which I could not do before, I have lots of strength to walk and I can walk up stairs and am not out of breath. All this because my heart's signalling node to beat was not doing it's job. I had a stress test with dye and walking the treadmill and drugs put in my arm to make the heart beat faster and it would not go over 48 beats per minute.So now I have a new pacemaker in my chest and fell like a new person. I am not allowed to do allot for a while but it is still wonderful to fill alive again.

I just wanted everyone to know that when this is healed I will be able to do stitching again and I have lots to do.
I miss blogging but with so little energy it was a lost cause because I could only type a few words and then give up.

I hope everyone is in good health and I will be back soon with some photo's of my stitching. Bye for now. Hugs to everyone.