Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25,2014. 

You know my son will be 34 at the end of this month-January 31th. Time flies dosen't it. I can still remember the day I had him. He came out alittle messed but soon he was crying and in my arms. I had two daughters before Matthew Jason. He was only alittle guy 7lbs but he's taller than me now. He lives in Ontario with his two sisters but in different homes. My oldest daughter Crystal-Rose lives with her husband Brett and my other daughter Carla-Lee lives on her own and is looking for a new apartment. Fingers crossed for her. 
I've been in New Brunswick now for 13 years and it's a nice place to live as long as it's out in the country. I'm not a city girl, never was, lived on a farm in Ontario all my live so cities are to closed in for me. Besides I love to come out on a summer's night and look up at all the stars and boy are there alot of them. Big dipper and the little dipper and I can even see the space station on a good night. 
Winter time is spent mostly outside working and when I'm home after work it's my crafts-cross stitching, and knitting in the evenings. I love to take out door pics and have a great camera to do it with. From snow  on fields to hummingbirds in the summer time, I find it great relaxing. I love to watch people and take pics when they are not looking, it gets a better pic. 

I have almost finished Faith and have Hope waiting in the wings to start. That will be number three that I'll be working on, they are the same size and use the same number flosses. Makes for an easy stitch.


  1. Nice to learn a little more about you and your family Lynda.

  2. Lovely post Lynda always nice to read about different lifes, hugs.

  3. Hello Lynda! I found you through June. What a great job you are doing here on your blog. I love your horse and house. =)

  4. Hi there Lynda and welcome to the blogging world. Oh I am in awe of the back of your work being as neat as the front. Hmmm dont think mine ever will be. Will be back soon to see what else you are up to.

  5. Welcome to the blogging world! You will meet some wonderful friends via your blog. Looking forward to following you -